Kim + Amanda, Oct 6, 2018

Kim + Amanda, Oct 6, 2018

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Kim and Amanda’s wedding turned out to be such a beautiful day.  60 degrees and partly cloudy created the perfect setting in upstate New York.  We were excited to travel to the wedding location to participate as their wedding florist.  We even brought one of our favorite photographers with us Sarah Babcock Studio.

A few works of art

A few works of art

“Flowers on my mind”

Created by Heather Hung of Floral V Designs

 Flower_Art, Floral_Decor, Floral_Art  foral_artwork, flower_artwork, flower_decor,


Created by Cady Vance of Floral V Designs


“Lavender Crush”

Created by Amanda Butler of Floral V Designs


“Tropical love”

Created by Kim Landis of Floral V Designs

A few works of art we created for The Knot Mixer held at The Summit Hotel in Cincinnati.