February 28, 2023

Hanging greenery and florals at Greenacres Cincinnati Ohio

Lets talk about hanging installations.  You must have the right venue/location with hanging capabilities or points in the ceiling that are weight-bearing.  On average, our hanging floral pieces weigh 100lbs or 3 x that! We always, and we mean ALWAYS, hire a professional hanging team.  Why you ask? Because that is what they do for a living!  We make beautiful flowers. We use a base of silk flowers.  It voers our mechanics without adding the weight of a fresh flower stem.  This is important because most of the flowers we put in first get surrounded by the ones we design at the end. This beautiful wedding was designed and planned by I Do Weddings and Events at Greenacres.  Lighting by Vincent Lighting.  Draping by Fitz the Occasion.  Hanging greenery and boxes by Vincent Lighting and Fitz the Occasion.  Photography by Ashley M Brown of Shining Light Photography.
October 2, 2022

The day after your wedding- Now what!?!?!

While we are most likely at your venue the night of your wedding or the morning after, we are hoping you are sitting back relaxing, or still sleeping in! BUT WAIT – WHAT DO I DO WITH MY BOUQUET??? Did you know we have a flower preservation sister company called Floral Preservation and Designs!!! Is it too late to contact us the day after my wedding?  NO! We would love to preserve the beautiful bouquet we made for you! We also accept all other florists bouquets as well! Click HERE to book your preservation and let us know when we can expect someone to drop off your bouquet!   Enjoy some of the work we have done lately!!  Want to see more? Check out our Instagram!  
September 12, 2022

2023 Floral V Designs Budgeting Guide

Image above by Cassidy Alaine Photography at The Meshewa House with KMC Weddings and Events The following price list is provided here for you to give an idea of starting and average pricing.  Remember Floral V Designs is a full service florist and we have no “packages”, all designs are custom to your budget and vision. *Like everything it seems these days, the fallout of Covid has forced farms + wholesalers across the world to raise prices significantly, which have been passed down to us.  Trust us when we say that our entire industry is hoping we see these increases and product shortages settle down and balance in the upcoming years. We have always and will always design with attention to detail and a mindful heart, no matter the budget.   Image above by Odessa James Photography at The Meshewa House in Cincinnati, Ohio with KMC Weddings and Events Bridal bouquets average $250-$395 Maids bouquets range $75-$175 Boutonnieres range $15-20ea Flower crowns range $75-$275 Wrist and Pin on Corsages – $35-45 Altar/Ceremony Arrangements start at $350-$750+ depending on design Arch Arrangements start at $275-$3500+ depending on the design Aisle/pew decorations/bouquets average $30-$75 Tall floral centerpieces average $300-$875+ Low floral centerpieces typically range $100-$375+ Elevated + Custom Installs – these vary greatly, but we see them starting around $1250 and go up from there, typically falling in a $2500-$4500 ranges (depending on the size of install, of course!) Hanging instillations start at $2500-$10,000+ and will also include a professional hanging instillation team ranging from an additional $750-$1500 (licensed and bonded/insured instillation company outside of Floral V Designs) Non floral/Candle centerpieces start at $45 Labor + Design – referring to set-up, Flipping the room/transitioning decor from ceremony to reception and post-event tear down along with general labor costs involved in prepping for […]
August 29, 2022

To us its more than just flowers!

Photography by Sarah Babcock Studio – The Dayton Arcade – Nuage Linens – Table Top by Prime Time Party Rental – KMC Weddings If wedding flowers are a top priority for your wedding day, you’ll want to hire an event florist who specializes in wedding work. There are different types of florists with different areas of expertise. Your local flower shop can design bouquets and centerpieces for you, but they probably don’t offer the extensive rental selection a wedding florist does.  Elaborate custom pieces probably aren’t an option. The type of florist you’ll want to work with depends completely on your vision for your wedding flowers! At Floral V Designs, weddings are our passion, and our team has years of experience creating custom designs to reflect our couples. Cady, Lauren or Kim sit down with each potential client to discuss their wedding day wish-list, priorities, and budget. We will create a proposal specifically tailored to that couple. The proposal is just the beginning, however: weddings are productions that require a great deal of time, skill and effort to bring a couple’s vision to life!   Photography by Sarah Babcock Studio – Draping by Unlimited Events – Dayton Arcade Design and Planning by KMC Weddings When you hire an event florist, you’re investing in a product and a service. It all starts with consultations, crafting custom proposals, sketching concepts.  From there we answer questions and changes throughout the planning process. Next we design and set the wedding, flip the ceremony, and tear down the event.  As you see there is a lot of time and skill that goes into making a wedding event! Many wedding florists, like Floral V Designs, are actually floral and event designers. This means we are often involved with the overall design of a wedding, and not […]
July 27, 2022

We just signed our contract. Now what do we do?

  This is the worst part… the wait for the big day! Feel free to reach out as you continue planing to make adjustments, or to just get advice on different aspects of the day. We have been a part of thousands of weddings and are happy to help you figure out what might work best for you! We will also check in periodically to touch base on outstanding design elements like cake flowers or escort card displays, and if you’re working with a planner we will be in contact with them throughout the process.  By the way – we love planners! SO…when you hire a planner, please keep us in the loop! About 2 months before the wedding things really kick into high gear!  Kristin will check in to make sure their haven’t been any major changes to your guest count and see if you need a final details meeting with our owner Cady.  Cady will go over any last minute additions like styling blooms or additional centerpieces before confirming your wedding flowers. You’ll also get a “Final Details” email from Kristin 30 days before where she will confirm logistics for the day, triple check your wedding party numbers (you won’t believe how many times clients add a bridesmaid and forget to tell us!) and tie up any loose ends. In the weeks leading up to the wedding we’ll also be working with your venue and other vendors to schedule timing and generally make sure all the little details are taken care of on our end.
July 12, 2022

Im Engaged & Looking for a wedding florist!

  Photography by Odessa James Photography – The Meshewa House at Turner Farm – Design by KMC Weddings If you’re here, you’re likely ready and want to reserve Floral V Designs for your big day.  Well lets start out by saying CONGRATULATIONS!! Even if you have your wedding date picked out, you might not be quite ready to dive head first into the design process. It’s important that you give yourself some time to research and get inspired during the early planning process.  Choose your venue, pick out the dresses, start Pinning images that inspire you. Photography by Amanda Donaho On average, most of our clients book with us 6 months to one year out from their wedding date. That said, we have some couples who book more than a year out, and others who reach out 3 months from the big day. But don’t wait to reach out to your top choice vendors. Especially if you’re getting married during peak wedding season( May, June, Sept, Oct), since most are only able to accommodate a few weddings per weekend! Before you reach out, it’s helpful to have your venue selected and booked, since the location determines so many factors of the day (style and color palette, guest count, etc). Planning reception flowers and décor without a venue is like decorating a house you haven’t bought yet. The couch might not fit and the colors could be all wrong! If you’d like to chat flowers before you book your venue, we are happy too!  Just keep in mind that it will be a more general conversation and things might change once you settle on a space.   Photography by Odessa James Photography – The Meshewa House at Turner Farm – Design by KMC Weddings   Once you have your venue, the […]
June 27, 2022

How much should I budget for flowers?

      The cost of wedding flowers is affected by everything from your color palette to your must-have blooms to your guest count. However, many “behind the scenes” aspects play a role in the cost of wedding flowers.  This includes the time and expertise it takes to create these living works of art. Hiring a florist who specializes in wedding work is worth every penny!  Especially if you have dreams of flower walls and Instagram-worthy “wow” moments for your wedding day! Photography by Kaleigh Turner – French House, Cincinnati Ohio   How much should I budget for my wedding flowers and decor? We get asked this often.  Pricing, just like your wedding, is unique. Remember, it’s an investment in the day just like the food, the photography, and the dress. We create the ambiance that sets the mood and gives your photographer all those beautiful details to capture. The right flowers and decor elevate the occasion from just a party to a wedding; something timeless you’ll revisit years to come with your children and grandchildren. While it is difficult to provide a blanket total for florals and decor, on average, our clients budget $3,500-$35,000+ for flowers and decorations. This, of course, can vary drastically on what your needs and wants are for the day. One couple may want specialty linens, large arrangements for the reception, and more expensive flower varieties, while another might be utilizing the linens provided by the venue and want a more simple centerpiece. The size of the guest list and bridal party also play a big part in budget allocation. A guest list of 100 with a $10,000 budget has more wiggle room to play than a guest list of 300 with the same budget. It’s important to know that we are here to help […]
May 25, 2022

A wedding flowers journey with a wedding and event florist

Before a flower ever reaches your wedding day it has already had quite the journey! While California is the largest US distributor of flowers, most blooms actually come from Central America and Holland. Flowers are grown on large-scale farms, then packaged and cold-shipped around the world and to us.  It is an impressive feat of logistics and technology. By the time a flower reaches us here in Ohio it has traveled thousands of miles, but still has a long way to go before it makes it to a wedding!  Here starts the real wedding flower journey! Brit Jaye Photography – The Honey Farm – Lost and Found Event Rentals  Once the flowers reach our studio they are unboxed and dipped into a solution then hydrated in clean, fresh water.  After hours of hydrating,  thorns and excess leaves are stripped from the stem, and each stem is given a fresh cut. For a large-scale wedding, processing can involve thousands of stems and take up to 2 days of team effort! It’s a tedious but essential step before the magic design work can even begin. Remember flowers are a perishable product and there is always some amount of loss during travel. This means we are always ordering extra flowers to ensure we have plenty of product for your special day. Outdoor temperatures can wreak havoc on flower shipments, there can be delays at customs and flights can be rerouted due to weather.  The longer the flowers sit in boxes the higher chance they won’t rehydrate and greater chance of a lesser quality. When these stressful delays happen, we are working behind the scenes to secure backup options and make sure you are none the wiser!  This is why you hired Floral V Designs! We have a large team ready and waiting to […]
April 27, 2022

A Classic Wedding at Greenacres Foundation

Danyel and Adam had a beautiful, classic wedding at Greenacres Foundation. From the long isle lined with floral arrangements to the gorgeous hanging 8×8 foot floral installation, everything fit into place. The Chuppah was adorned in a mix of white roses and orchids, green foliages with pops of dried elements.   Danyel’s bouquet was a hand tied bouquet of mixed white garden roses, white Playa blanca roses and white orchids.  Every part of the day was full of white and ivory tones. Danyel loved monochromatic white look with the pop of wooden elements to help keep everything flowing. There were many focal points seen throughout the reception, from flowers hanging from the tent to their Photo Booth backdrop consisting of a green boxwood hedge with their name in script and of course more white and ivory florals. No detail was left out in the execution of this beautiful day! We love to see a classic wedding with classic colors. Congratulations to you both! Photography: Amanda Donaho Photo Planning and design: I Do Weddings and Events Rentals: All Occasions Tent Draping: Fitz the Occasion Florals: Floral V Designs