Hello from our floral family!

Floral V Designs started twelve years ago when Cady Vance realized Dayton and Cincinnati couples and vendors deserved a different floral experience.  Building a company based on genuine relationships, craftsmanship, quality, and open communication, Team V has grown to almost ten full time employees.  We also have an amazing network of part time team members and freelancers from all over the country that add some extra floral magic on large wedding and event installations.

We’re serious when we say that all of our clients become honorary members of Team V, and we look forward to working with you.  Go Team V!

Welcome to Floral V Designs!  I’m Cady Vance the owner and lead floral designer for Floral V Designs.  Thanks in part to my amazing clients and team, Floral V Designs has become the leader in the bridal and wedding floral industry in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio.

We only order the most amazing, fresh, sustainably sourced flowers, and never compromise on quality or service. All of us at Floral V Designs want you to enjoy your wedding planning experience from start to end, and will happily collaborate with you wherever you are in that process. You’ll soon find that we’ve become an integral part of your wedding day far beyond just flowers.

When I’m not busy at the shop designing wedding flowers, I can be found on my little homestead.  I consider myself a budding farmer, and it brings me great joy to be in the fields or the barn with my husband and three kids.  You never know what we have going on around the farm from raising baby goats, feeding chickens or riding our beloved Rocky Mountain Horses. It’s truly our happy place! You can follow along with our farming adventures at Glory and Grace Homestead on Instagram.

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Did you know that the average boutique florist can produce over 21,000 pounds of organic material in just one year? All of this is currently going into landfills. If you multiply that by thousands of floral designers nationwide, the amount of waste from flowers is mind boggling. Therefore, we have made it our mission to have a greener footprint in Dayton.

We work with a local landscape company which accepts all our organic matter, that is then turned into mulch and compost. Just think, you could be landscaping your yard with our organic matter and not even know it. How cool is that?!

Another way we reduce waste is by not buying delivery boxes, instead, we upcycle the delivery boxes from our suppliers into beautiful boxes for your personal flowers.

Our commitment hasn’t stopped there either, we have also replaced the use of paper towels in our boutique and design studio with washable cotton towels. This is how we save the earth from hundreds of pounds of paper towel waste each year.

So while we may create a lot of beauty in this world, it’s also our mission to keep the world as naturally beautiful as possible in the process.

As a budding farmer, Cady knows that fabulous floral design starts at the source: The Farm & Grower. Floral V Designs has had a longstanding commitment to not only provide the freshest flowers possible, but also blooms that have been sustainably sourced. As often as possible we work hand-in-hand with local farmers to provide the best seasonably available flowers harvested at their peak. By purchasing from local Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio farmers and responsible growers, we ensure the absolute best product for our clients, while ensuring future generations will have just as beautiful and plentiful flowers to enjoy. We even have taken it a step farther and planted our own garden that provides gorgeous fresh flowers all season long.

Floral V Designs, a decorated, award-winning flower design company, has quickly become a rising star in the luxury floral industry, without the luxury price tag. We specialize in wedding flower design in Dayton, Ohio, galas, special events, corporate flowers and floral preservation. Floral V Designs serves Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding tristate area in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Columbus, and Indiana.

Owner, Cady Vance, and her floral and creative design team are Dayton’s favorite, bringing floral inspiration and event trends from all over the world to charming Bellbrook, Ohio. We are passionate about the experience, personal design, and service that we offer our clients.

Our wedding floral services range from deluxe and all-encompassing wedding to a more intimate event. Small or grand, rustic or luxe, minimalist or lavish, our approach to events takes a cue from the beauty of your story, the season, your venue and your unique style.

Floral V Designs is the premiere wedding and event florist serving Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding tri-state area including Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Columbus, and Indiana. We are passionate about your wedding experience, including the design, and the services we offer when personally designing your wedding reflect that dedication to you.

We offer all our clients an informal, no obligation meeting to design your dream wedding.

We only work with the best growers that provide the most beautiful flowers. We don’t compromise on the quality of the work we provide and our customer service and design teams are unmatched in the industry and in the tri-state area.

Whether you are a bride that would like us to take the lead or you are a bride that is more hands-on, we make all your dreams possible. We do this by working with you on your budget and ideas. We offer unique designs and floral creativity in all of our flower arrangements.

Our floral design team has been serving couples in Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus areas for over a decade. Floral V Designs also delivers beautiful, fresh, and innovative floral designs to your special someone. We offer unique designs and floral creativity in all of our flower arrangements.

Floral V Designs makes designing your next corporate event easy and ensures that it will also be beautiful. We design everything from spectacular corporate dinners, to refined business meetings to memorable grand openings and personalized holiday events, your vision will come to life through the creative expertise of our staff.

Make your next charitable event memorable for all the right reasons. We work with you to create a festive atmosphere that captures the attention and imagination of every guest. We love a challenge and are more than happy to work with any theme and any budget. For a personal consultation, please call our event specialist.

Pairing our creative skills with your vision, we strive to create floral installations for any special event that transports your guests to another place.  From bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday bashes, product launches, and everything else in between, we will help you design, plan, and execute a remarkable event.