Different Types of Wedding Bouquet Shapes

Different Types of Wedding Bouquet Shapes

November 20, 2023

Round bouquets, sometimes called posy bouquets, are small and compact arrangements usually consisting of one type of flower. Ideal for brides and bridesmaids seeking a classic and timeless aesthetic, they offer simplicity and elegance.

Cascade bouquets are characterized by an asymmetrical, waterfall-like arrangement, with flowers cascading downward. They bring a touch of drama and romance to your overall bridal look.

Hand-tied bouquets, as the name implies, are tied by hand with a ribbon or fabric. They exude a natural and rustic charm, making them an ideal choice for simple outdoor or boho-themed weddings.

Nosegay bouquets, similar to round bouquets, are small, compact arrangements consisting of tightly arranged flowers. Known for their simplicity, they typically contain fewer flowers.

Pageant bouquets, also referred to as arm bouquets, are held in the crook of the arm, creating a sophisticated and regal appearance. Often featured in formal and glamorous weddings.


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