hand lettered place cards

February 4, 2017

Hand lettered place cards

Place cards are a important part of a wedding reception.  Brides debate whether to have open seating or assigned seating.  Remember, your guests are there to be a part of your big day, they have a reason to be there, thats another reason to have a place for them to go at the reception.  Every person has gone to an event where they did not know many people, so having a place to go was easier than looking at a crowd of hundreds and feeling like you don’t belong.  So when you ask us our opinion, we say to take the time and figure out your seating chart or place/escort cards.  Thank you Mark Garber Photography for this beautiful detail shot.
April 25, 2016

Hand Lettered Place Cards

Do you need help with the finishing touches?  We can help.  We can create your custom designed hand lettered place cards for you starting at just $1.50 each! Call to get more information or to place and design your order.  937-709-9117