Beautiful Bride and Groom – Shoot with Ashley Lynn Photography

We were so lucky when Ashley Lynn Photography asked us to provide her with a bouquet for a vintage photo shoot she was creating.  Her ideas, was to shoot a beautiful “Bride in Waiting,” for her groom of course.  The setting was a beautiful peach orchard in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  The photo shoot was a huge success!  As you can tell by the amazing pictures.

To see all 40 amazing pictures check out Ashley’s Facebook Page

Rose of the week: Circus


The Circus Rose is a beautiful rose with a high petal count of 30-40 petals per bloom.  The Circus is a bi-color yellow with red rose.   Circus is a bright yellow rose with strong red coloring on the outside and edges of its petals.  This rose features a single bloom per stem.  Their normal length of stem is 15-20 inches long.  The amount of intensity of color on the edges of the blooms depends on mother nature.  The Circus rose is available year round.

Recipe for a beautiful Bridal Bouquet

What makes this bouquet so stunning? So beautiful? How do you make something like this?  These are all questions that we hear often from our brides going thru our portfolio books.  So, we decided to explain the process of making this bridal bouquet.

First we start out with our four main flowers

Ivory roses

White Ranuculas

White Dahlias

White Freesia

Our next step was to start building the bouquet, we started with building the base of Ivory Roses.

We next added 10 stems of ivory Dahlias throughout the roses.

After adding the Dahlias we added in 10 stems of Ivory Freesia.

After adding in the Freesias we added in 15 White Ranuculas.

We added accents of large, chunky pearls throughout the bouquet.

Adding greenery around the edge of the bouquet.

Wrapping the bridal bouquet in ivory satin ribbon.

Finishing touches on the bouquet ribbon.  Clusters of pearls.

And the final product……

Thank you Chuck Childers Photography


The Tulip, is typically associated with perfect love and modesty.

Tulips are one of springs most popular flower; known for their long sturdy stems and smaller cup shaped bloom.

Thousands of years ago, Tulips originated from Turkey and Persia; then they were introduced to Europe in the 17th century.  It started “Tulipmaina,” especially in the Netherlands.

Now today, each individual Tulip has its own meaning.

Red Tulips declare true love & fame and fortune where as pink tulips show happiness and confidence.  The yellow Tulip represents cheerfulness and sunshine and the white Tulip shows forgiveness and worth.

Anatomy of a bouquet

All bouquets start out a single flowers.  Single flowers, bought in bunches with the dreams to being a part of a beautiful arrangement.   All of these flowers were purchased to make a beautiful bridal bouquet.

And the end result…